JazzHR Partnership

We are super excited to announce a new partnership with Hire Ventures!

Our clients know how much we love technology, how we love to leverage it to make us work smarter, faster, and better! Over the years, we have implemented countless applicant tracking and human resource solutions that enable our clients to hire and manage their talent resources more effectively. We like many systems, and depending on our client’s needs, we make recommendations on the system that will be the best fit.

More often than not, that system for recruiting is JazzHR (formerly known as The Resumator). This system is incredible and has tiered offerings for companies of all sizes. Even smaller companies will find this beneficial, especially if they are looking for a system that can give them a sleek mobile-enabled careers page and get their positions posted to source suitable candidates and screen them to hire the best. This system lets you manage every step of your recruiting process, from sourcing through onboarding!

Because of the exceptional track record with Jazz, we have entered into a partnership with them. We are super excited to offer our clients this system, with the best pricing and implementation service available.

If you know you’ll be hiring soon and are ready to elevate your recruiting, let’s do it together! Visit our partner page for more info: https://hireventures.com/trusted-partners/


And, if you want a sneak peek, here is a quick three-minute video on the software:  https://vimeo.com/170617441.  

Contact us today to see if Jazz is the right fit for you and let us help elevate your recruiting!

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