We love to help our clients through all aspects of HR, from recruiting, training, employee development, performance management to even exiting/terminations.

Hire Ventures has been providing recruiting and hr solutions to small and medium sized businesses since 2001. When it comes to our clients, we help companies big and small. We are true partners with our clients, acting as in-house recruitment or human resource management, all on demand. Whenever you have a problem, we are willing and able to fix it!

We are both tactical (we get it done) and strategic and are experts in all things recruiting and hr.  

We believe in leveraging technology in everything we do, starting with recruiting.  And in that, we have chosen to parter with the #1 most user friendly ATS as well as one of the most affordable, this is JazzHR.  It’s purpose-built for small businesses (like us!), the intuitive recruiting platform streamlines the recruiting and hiring process, taking the place of inefficient processes, like email and spreadsheets, to create a quality experience for candidates and employers. This system levels the playing field between large and small companies when it comes to finding qualified talent.

We do it better, faster and more affordably than traditional recruiting or hro companies.

Our Anniversary Special offers a full JazzHR system implementation, which will give you an employer branded career page that is completely set up for your business, job postings and all, ready for you to hire!  Just sign up through our below link and we’ll have you taken care of so you’ll be hiring in no time!

If you would like more information about JazzHR or would like to learn more about our implementation specials, click here to learn more JazzHR or simply complete the info below.