EO Atlanta

Who Is EO Atlanta?

EO Atlanta is a local chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a global network of entrepreneurs who own and operate businesses. EO aims to foster the growth of entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources, education, and a global community needed to succeed. Many members credit EO with helping them overcome business challenges, make better decisions, and achieve greater success. Our very own CEO Teresa Murphey is a member of the Atlanta Chapter, so when the chapter found itself with a recruiting need for a key hire, we jumped in to help. 

The Challenge – Backfilling a Key Role

When small associations have an open position to fill, they face a significant challenge. Fee-based recruitment agencies can be cost-prohibitive, and trying to DIY it, demands time they often don’t have. Their primary focus is to serve their members, and any deviation from that is counterproductive and can negatively impact the chapter and member experience.

Consider EO Atlanta’s situation. They recently lost a pivotal member of their administrative team. The role required a candidate with specific qualifications and skills and the flexibility needed to meet the chapter’s growing needs. It is a unique and dynamic role that required a custom recruiting strategy, one that included direct outreach of targeted profiles as opposed to posting the job and waiting for candidates to apply.

The Solution – Recruiting Consulting

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EO Atlanta, like other small companies, didn’t have an internal HR or recruiting team. The common route of contingency fee-based recruiters was cost prohibitive.  They needed a partner to source, screen and enable them to hire the right person quickly, within a reasonable budget.

Our CEO’s membership within EO Atlanta, having served on the EO Atlanta Accelerator board, gave us unique insight into this position.  This knowledge enabled us to understand not only job-related skills but also what interpersonal skills would be needed to be successful in this role.


Our dedicated Recruiting Consultant created a highly targeted, proactive sourcing and screening strategy, crafting a compelling pitch that clearly defined the opportunity for this key role. Although the search was challenging, remaining consistent in recruiting outreach helped to identify several quality candidates enabling EO Atlanta to make a great hire!

At Hire Ventures, we do more than recruit. We are Recruiting Consultants, which sets us apart from headhunters or fee-based recruiters. We don’t operate externally, presenting candidates to different companies.

Instead, we act as talent advisors, working within your organization to learn your culture and needs in a way that allows us to help you find & keep the kind of people who enable your organization to thrive.