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Attract and Hire, the perfect match!

By February 19, 2020July 27th, 2023Finding Talent - Recruiting

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and some of you may be back in the office, still be basking in the post-Valentine’s Day glow (aka sugar coma). Now is the perfect time to talk about ways you can show you care to those people you are trying to attract the most: your job candidates!


Everyone knows a strong foundation is key to any great relationship. The same applies to those we work with and that we are trying to hire! Our recruiting experience reveals that a little extra effort to ensure candidates feel you care about them can go a long way!

The Hiring Framework

Developing an effective Hiring Framework sets the stage for your candidate’s experience and ensures you can maintain, automate and deliver with every hire you make! It’s great to attract talent, but finding the perfect match in your next hire is what really matters!

It sounds like a lot of work, and it certainly can be if you don’t already have an effective process in place. We’ve become experts in defining this process and leveraging the right technology to automate specific steps in our clients’ hiring process.

We love to leverage our ATS partner, JazzHR, which gives even our smallest clients the ability to do all of the above every time they hire. An ATS can help simplify a few key areas, including crafting compelling job postings that syndicate out to multiple sourcing platforms with one click, leveraging templates to create personalized candidate communication, and having a central system for all candidates to be managed. It can also help in setting expectations for everyone involved, from hiring managers to onboarding coordinators!

The hiring processes can be lengthy and time-consuming, so take the time to build relationships with candidates, show you genuinely care, and follow through on promises. Simple strategies like providing clear communication, setting and keeping expectations, and giving the candidates timely feedback can ensure your candidates feel valued and build trust, even if they aren’t the right fit for the role. You never know who may become your next great hire!

“When I tell candidates that I’ll do something, I do it.  If I promise to keep a top candidate in mind for future opportunities, I do.  It builds trust and credibility when I call them back.  It’s important to provide that service to exceed expectations to our candidates, clients, and partners.” Lily Rincon, Talent Consultant.

Love what you see? Contact our team to develop the perfect Hiring Framework, implement JazzHR or get more information about our on-demand, hourly recruiting services today! 

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