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The Perfect Pairing: Crafting a Resume

By October 17, 2018August 15th, 2023Candidate Perspective

Job description + your resume = the perfect match!

For part two of this blog series, let’s talk about a resume in terms of dating. Now you might ask yourself,

“How in the world is the job hunt related to dating?”

In case you missed part one of this series, we explained how relationships connect to the job hunt by creating a resume, getting social on LinkedIn, and trying to stand out in the crowd. This blog post is narrowing in on resumes.

The perfect pairing of pizza and beer…

pizza and beer

The biggest myth about applying for jobs is that you can use one standard resume for every job you apply to. Too many people believe this works! Consider it this way, when going out to dinner, would you always order the same drink with whatever you ordered for a meal? How does that champagne sound with a pizza? Terrible! Everyone knows the perfect pairing for pizza is your favorite soft drink, or an IPA can be the proper complimentary drink. The same applies to every job category (be it marketing, sales, or HR). When applying to these different job categories, it is best to craft your resume around the specific job duties listed. Because no one wants pizza and champagne, right?

Crafting the Perfect Resume…

From the employer side, every company and individual hiring manager is different in their resume preferences. Some may prefer a cover letter for applicants to get considered for a position. Some companies might want certifications and references provided right up front, while others may not. Either way, follow the instructions provided on the job posting and follow my top three tips for crafting the best resume:

1. “Speling Mistakkes arethe Worstt”: The #1 thing that bugs me to no end is the misspelling of words on any important document. Before submitting your resume to a potential employer, please do us, recruiters, a favor: PROOFREAD. We can almost guarantee that if a hiring manager sees multiple mistakes on your resume, they will immediately put your application in the “no” pile. If it is truly your dream job, it will be worth reading over and spell-checking before sending it in.

2. Make it professional: For many job descriptions, a skill requirement is often communication skills, including written communication. If you write your resume as if you were writing a text to a friend, most employers won’t take you seriously. Spend a little extra time making sure that your resume is clear, concise, and on a higher reading level.
3. Certifications and special skills: Just like you would list your degrees, any certification listed on a resume is a plus as long as it’s relevant. If you take the time to earn a certificate, be proud and include it! Also, if you have any sort of special skills, put them down!! Something like that could potentially help you stand out among the other applicants.

Those are the top 3 tips when creating the perfect resume to ensure you find the perfect pairing. While these tips may vary depending on the career choice, these little nuggets of advice can help anyone receive an interview. So, here’s the real question…

How will you make it easy for the hiring manager to select you to move forward?

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