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The Best HR Tech Stack – built for your small business.

At Hire Ventures, we are here to help you through every step of your employee lifecycle, from recruiting to every area of human resource management. Our love of technology, systems and process are key to hiring the right people and ensuring an efficient employee life cycle. Through our trusted and vetted partners, we enable our clients with the right tools and technology to streamline and simplify Hiring and Human Resources.

It all starts with WHO you hire!

At Hire Ventures, we believe if you hire the right people, in the right position, doing the right things you will not only eliminate HR nightmares down the road, but enable your organization to scale and grow in a sustainable manner.  We believe that utilizing an effective recruiting process, or framework to hire, and leveraging technology can make your hiring process repeatable and more effective in less time, which allows you to focus on strategic and growth initiatives.

The foundation of a thriving organization is its people. At Hire Ventures, we advocate for a strategic approach to hiring—right person, right role, right task. This philosophy not only mitigates HR challenges but also sets your business on the path of sustainable growth. With the right system you can manage your recruiting workflow effortlessly, from sourcing candidates to their onboarding. Learn more about our partnership with JazzHR, one of the best applicant-tracking solutions for small businesses by clicking here.

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Employee Onboarding, SOP, & Training Software

Every SMB shares the goal of wanting to grow and scale their business but how can you if your team isn’t aligned and accountable? That’s where Trainual comes in – the top-rated playbook tool for small businesses.

Document your standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, and processes in an easily searchable database.  Unsure where to start?  Trainual also offers templates and reports to ensure your team is current with their training and certifications. Learn more here. 

Payroll Partner

We’ve partnered with Gusto to revolutionize your payroll process. Gusto’s intuitive platform offers an all-in-one solution for payroll, benefits, and compliance which can’t be beat. With easy setup and compatibility with popular accounting software, payroll management has never been simpler. As a special offer, Gusto is providing free implementation services for all Hire Ventures referrals. Get started today, sign up here.

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Background and Reference Check Services

Making informed hiring decisions is crucial. That’s why we recommend client complete reference and criminal background checks on potential new hires.  With our trusted partner, Backgrounds Online, this process is easy. Their user-friendly platform provides robust reporting and exceptional customer service. All referrals from Hire Ventures will receive 30% off Backgrounds Online’s background screening packages by creating an account here!

Full HR Platform

Often our clients have outgrown their early payroll provider or PEO solution and are ready to up-level the HR needs. We love an all-inclusive solution that can not only manage people resources, but also enable global payroll, benefits, time and talent management.

If you’re scaling beyond your initial payroll or PEO solution, we recommend our full-scale HR platforms tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a global workforce, need to integrate payroll and benefits, or require an employee self-service portal, we’ve got you covered. Our platforms streamline your workflow, maintain compliance, and let you focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Ready to grow your business? Contact us for a free discovery call today.

From Our Clients

We have a great partnership with Hire Ventures Recruiting. We value the relationship we’ve built with each of their talent consultants. They listen, understand, and deliver for our needs. They understand the needs of our business and provide insight on the latest with the job market.

Chrissy TirazonaMacStadium

Teresa joined us on an interim basis to help us with all things HR and Talent Related. She came in at a critical time as we were going through Benefits re-enrollment, performance reviews, creating new HR/Finance policies, and hiring across the business. Her partnership with our Head of Finance improved many of our backend HR/Finance processes dramatically and her recruiting team helped improve our recruiting operations and enabled us to hire talent directly. We wouldn't be as well-positioned without all the efforts of Teresa and her team.

Junior GaspardCEO, Experience

Expanding into the US is a challenge for any non-US company. Teresa and her team helped us navigate the legal complexity so that we didn’t make time-consuming and costly mistakes while ensuring we remained an attractive option for employees in a very competitive job market.

Sarah RiceChief People Officer, Skynamo

I’ve always enjoyed working with the HireVentures team! They are able to act as an extension of our internal team and take on any task – big or small. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them and are anxious to continue seeing how they’ll positively impact our business next!

Corey BerkeySHRM-SCP, VP HR at JazzHR

Teresa and her team consistently provide excellent service when it comes to all things Human Resources! They have recruited several amazing people into our organization and are always there when we need guidance or advice on things from benefits enrollment to cultural initiatives or even crisis management.

Melissa SimmonsCinemassive

Highly Recommended: Excellent On-demand HR & Recruiting Services. My experiences working with Teresa and her team have been excellent. The combination of responsiveness, flexibility and willingness to work with me to solve my business challenges make Hire Ventures a terrific partner.
Companies that out-task specific functions like recruiting, HR Policy Management, HR System Administration, etc. are being very efficient by utilizing Hire Ventures to augment their own limited resources. Hire Venture members have helped so many businesses with this strategy, and I am pleased to provide this testimony about my own positive experience.

Tony PomplianoCEO, Anexio

Teresa oversaw all aspects of the HR function for our company, including benefits renewal, employee development, recruiting, and HR administration. She is extremely knowledgeable in each of these areas, and she was a valuable business partner during her engagement. Teresa is results-driven and thinks strategically about how to align talent and culture initiatives with the overall goals of the company. She is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond to meet client needs.

Courtney MasseeCPA, Director of Finance, Versapay

I’ve worked with Teresa and her team of professionals for more than a decade. Their approach to provide on demand services, up to and including, full service people management services, has proved to be extremely valuable and spot on both at my current company as well as for a half dozen other venture capital backed businesses I’ve been involved with. Their knowledgeable, flexible, innovative and hard working team is 2nd to none!

Greg McGrawPresident & CEO MacStadium

Our partnership with Hire Ventures has helped us solve the challenge of hiring to meet growth demands. Their recruiting staff has done an exceptional job of listening to our needs and serving up the right type of candidates.

Tim FarrowCOO Apto Solutions Inc.