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Who Is MacStadium?

MacStadium is the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud solutions for macOS and iOS app development and projects. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA with more than 100 employees worldwide, they sustain 10,000 servers, five data centers (including two in Europe) and customers all over the world.

The Challenge

In 2017, MacStadium was preparing for growth. They had just under 30 employees at the time, with no in-house recruiting or HR.  Greg McGraw, CEO, and Michael Landreth, CFO, knew they could no longer continue to manage the HR responsibilities themselves.

Having engaged with Hire Ventures the past, Greg knew the on-demand, scalable HR and recruiting services would be an ideal fit as the company prepared to grow.

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The Solution – Finding & Keeping Talent

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Developing hiring and onboarding systems

MacStadium had big hiring goals and planned to more than triple in size over a 12-month period. Creating an in-house recruiting process and system was critical as was getting away from the reliance on contingency fee recruiting firms. Their hiring process also required a high level of security and compliance, which meant establishing HR controls, background screening and a commitment to hiring.

Scaling any company in a sustainable manner requires establishing a hiring framework and in-house system. With the support of Greg and his executive team, we implemented the JazzHR applicant tracking system and developed a custom hiring framework that supported security and reporting requirements, from background screening and reference checks, to offer negotiations and new hire onboarding.

With our hourly on-demand recruiting model, we hired more than 60 employees for MacStadium in the first nine months—and are still going strong.

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An all-in-one, HR tech solution

With the surge in the employee headcount, it was clear MacStadium had outgrown their expensive PEO solution.  The decision to leave a PEO can be difficult since making a switch requires a change to all of the existing HR systems, benefits broker and providers, employee documents and payroll and employer tax system.  This process is challenging since these services are intertwined and most PEO providers do not make leaving easy.  That’s when we brought our HRIS partner, Namely, to the table.

“It was clear from our first demo with Namely that the customization and functionality of the system were incredibly robust,” says Michael Landreth, CFO. “Not only did it offer the technology for HRIS, payroll, and benefits administration, but it offered brokerage services as well. It provided all the advantages of ‘bundling’ we’d gotten from the PEO, but with a better user experience and smaller price tag. We were sold.”

With our expertise in the implementation and set up of HR tech solutions, we do the heavy lifting and ensure the implementation is done correctly and timely.  This solution provided MacStadium a streamlined global HR platform, integrating recruiting, payroll and benefits with a huge cost savings and the ability to scale and customize as their needs change.


With the recruiting, screening and onboarding system in place for growth, we also crafted a custom employee handbook with policies and programs for their unique and growing organization.

This strong HR foundation helped to create a culture where employees can thrive which has been key to finding and keeping talent.  As the exclusive recruiting team for MacStadium, we are currently hiring exceptional talent throughout the U.S., Germany, and Ireland for technical, corporate, sales, and executive roles.  In addition, we continue to provide HR advisory support to the senior team.

We cherish the partnership we have with MacStadium and continue to celebrate their success!