Private Family Wealth Advisors

Who is PFW? Private Family Wealth Advisors

Private Family Wealth (PFW) Advisors is a private wealth management firm in Atlanta led by CEO, Scott Mackenzie. PFW works with high net-worth individuals with a focus on family and wealth preservation. These relationships are high-touch, with a personalized level of service.

The Challenge – replacing a Key Team Member

PFW Advisors funs with a small, efficient, and cohesive team that works extremely well together to provide optimal services. As with any small company, each team member’s contributions make a significant impact on the organization.

With one open role, the need was to identify and hire a unique individual, not only someone who fit the job requirements, but who would mesh well with the small team and be in the office every day.

The Solution

Scott had never used an outside recruiting partner like Hire Ventures, assuming his options were either paying a large contingency hire fee or struggling to do it themselves.

After sharing this challenge with our CEO Teresa Murphey at an Entrepreneurial Organization event, Scott decided to give Hire Ventures unique model of Hourly based Recruiting Consulting a try.

The Solution – Recruiting Consulting

Because we are not a contingency firm, our approach is different. We are a true partner and share similar values with PFW in really understanding our clients needs so we can help them hire the right person, quickly.

Our Senior Talent Consultant knew her first task in working with the hiring team was to “build trust quickly and continue to earn it every step of the way.”

This meant acting as an advisor to Scott and Lisa – providing expertise and digging deep to determine the kind of person that would meld with and enhance the existing team.

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Conclusion – Finding and Hiring the perfect fit

It doesn’t take a ton of candidates to fill a role – it just takes the right candidate.

It can be a challenge to attract candidates to a single job posting, but by leveraging our network, curating the pitch, and doing direct recruiting, we were able to identify, screen and recommend the successful candidate – all in a matter of weeks!

Both PFW Advisors and their new hire feel lucky to have found each other, and we’re so happy to have been given the chance to work with this incredible team.

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