Human Resources Audit



Unless you’ve been buried under a pile of HR paperwork or living under a rock, you know there have been major changes in federal and state employment laws in recent months/years.  This or any personnel changes in your HR team or management, or just an overall feeling you have of being in the dark as it relates to your HR function, means it is probably a good time to conduct an HR Audit.

Having a third party conduct an HR audit will give you an objective look at your policies and practices and identify areas that can be improved or those that are not compliant with the law.  We’ll cover every area of your employee life cycle, from recruitment through your termination.  We’ll also do a full file audit, policy review, comp and benefit review as well as organizational and cultural assessment.

Audit engagements are typically accomplished with both an on-site visit and a tour of your location, team meeting, etc.   We provide you a final audit report that will not only address immediate compliance concerns but give you a written plan for your short and long term HR Strategy.

*This is completely customizable content and pricing for this service can vary depending on your organizations complexity (type, employee size, states you operate in etc). With this “purchase” you will receive an e-mail to schedule your free consultation where we will provide you with exact pricing and a timeline for the HR Audit once we learn more about your organization and objectives.  Of course, you are under no obligation to engage Hire Ventures if not mutually agreeable.


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