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Who Is Splash?

A SaaS marketing platform designed to help teams build and host virtual, in-person, and hybrid events, Splash enables people to do what they love: create memorable experiences, new connections, and business value.

Through the powerful combination of data, tech and design, teams can market, measure, and scale their event programs quickly and in ways that were previously impossible.

Headquartered in NY, with offices throughout the U.S. and overseas, Splash has roughly 150 employees, with plans to add an addition 35+ new hires this year. Big hiring plans for a small, mighty recruiting team!

The Challenge

Finding Talent During Changing Times

2020 was a year of tremendous change for Splash, from major product pivots to the shift from in-office to a remote first workforce. Forced to reconsider their overall hiring and people strategy, and unable to retain a large in-house recruiting team, Splash needed a recruiting partner who could easily scale up or down as the hiring needs changed.

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The Solution – On-demand Recruiting

As with any company that has experienced a business change or pivot, it can be difficult to forecast staffing needs to be able to add full time recruiters. Additionally, it’s not sustainable or practical to rely on outside contingency fee firms for hiring.
Our on-demand model has allowed Splash to increase recruiting efforts and meet hiring goals incrementally, adding Hire Venture recruiters, that specialize in tech recruiting, sales recruiting and international recruiting, as needed.


The Hire Ventures on-demand recruiting services have been an ideal solution during these changing time for many of our tech clients.

Engaging in partnership with the Splash in-house recruiting team, and working within their ATS, we’ve been able to leverage our LinkedIn Recruiter network, sourcing, screening and vetting skills to bring them the best Technical, Sales and Ops talent throughout the US, Canada and the UK.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Splash and help them find the best talent possible.

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