Performance Appraisal Kit



It’s performance review time…

Make your boring performance appraisals a thing of the past.

These documents will help you prepare for your performance reviews – either annually or quarterly, you decide the frequency and how you want to customize your company performance review program.  The Performance Appraisal Kit will give you everything you need to have a thorough and complete Performance Review Program.

This Guide will walk your managers through every step from preparing through writing the performance reviews through delivery.  The Performance Appraisals are broken out between Manager & Non-Manager reviews and include standard competency ratings for items like leadership, dependability, teamwork, knowledge, and skills.  There is also sections for Goals and Objectives (past and future) as well as a development plan, and employee and manager comments.

This kit includes: Performance Appraisal Guide ~ Appraisal for Managers ~ Appraisals for Employees (non-managers)*