Through every step of the employee lifecycle, we’ve got you covered.

At Hire Ventures, we are here to help you through every step of your employee lifecycle, from recruiting to every area of human resource management.  Through our trusted and vetted partners, we enable our clients with the right tools that improve their business!

It all starts with WHO you hire!

At Hire Ventures, we believe if you hire the right people, in the right position, doing the right things you will not only eliminate HR nightmares down the road, but enable your organization to scale and grow in a sustainable manner.  We believe that utilizing an effective recruiting process, or framework to hire, and leveraging technology can make your hiring structure more repeatable and effective in less time, which allows you to focus on strategic and growth initiatives.

Our longtime partner, JazzHR, allows organizations to not only source talent, but move them through every step of the hiring process.  The JazzHR ATS is an innovative, amazing system that has tiered offerings for companies of all sizes.  Even small companies with only a few openings that can create a sleek, mobile-enabled careers page and get their positions posted to source, screen and hire the best candidates.  JazzHR lets you manage every step of your recruiting process, from sourcing through on-boarding!

JazzHR-Logo_gradientJazzHR enables small businesses to actively source and interview candidates, as well as employing a system which actively tracks their process in the employee lifecycle.  With JazzHR you can also ensure an awesome candidate and hiring manager experience.

Learn more about our partnership with JazzHR, one of the best applicant tracking solutions available for small business by clicking here.

Background and Reference Check Services:

Before hiring that perfect candidate, it is always great to get a second (or third or fourth) opinion about this “perfect” person.  That is why Hire Ventures has chosen to extend our services into reference checking and criminal background checks.

For many organizations, finding the time to reference check a candidate can be challenging.  While it may seem like a trivial task, comprehensive reference checks give your organization the power to make informed, knowledgable hiring decisions.  If you’re struggling to find the time to complete these tasks, let Hire Ventures reference check your top candidates!  We not only reach out to each reference but also do an extensive online check of each candidate.  We want each client to know exactly who they are hiring, both offline and online.

Looking to improve your background check processes as well?  We’re proud to work with our trusted background check partner to provide your organization with a comprehensive overlook of a candidate’s history.  Our trusted partner can customize background checks to company-specific needs and questions that ensure qualified candidates and a positive experience.  Find more information on our trusted background check partner here.

Payroll Partner:

We’re excited to announce that Hire Ventures now does payroll #withGusto.  Hire Ventures and Gusto have partnered together to simplify your small business payroll needs with big-time features!  Gusto is an all-in-one platform for payroll, benefits, and compliance.  Gusto makes payroll so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner! The set-up is a snap and it integrates seamlessly with all of the most popular accounting software programs.  We use Gusto for payroll and this system completely simplified how we get paid (and who doesn’t like getting paid?)

gusto-logoGusto is offering free implementation services to ALL Hire Ventures referrals.  Check it out and if you have any questions we can help you through, let us know!  When you are ready to get started, sign up here.

Large businesses, we did not forget about you!  We’re proud to recommend Namely for all of your large business payroll and finance needs!

Full HR Platform:

Often our clients have outgrown their early payroll provider or PEO solution and are ready to up-level the HR needs.  We love an all-inclusive solution that can not only manage your people resources, but also global payroll, benefits, time and talent management.


Our favorite solution is Namely HR and is ideal for our growing clients.  It is also the only HR solution that integrates global payroll, which is huge for our small enterprise clients that have employees in other countries.  Namely allows you to manage your entire HR function, in one flexible, customizable platform.  From onboarding through performance management, Namely does it all! It also integrates seamlessly with JazzHR for easy onboarding and employees love the social feel of the platform.


Employee Engagement and Performance Management:

We trust our employees to get their work done and use their time wisely, but often struggle to manage goals, meetings, performance and feedback effectively.  For employers and employees looking to up their performance management game, we’re excited to announce a brand new trusted partner looking to revolutionize this important HR function.  We’ll be announcing our latest partner soon, so stay tuned for updates!

If any of these solutions are of interest, we would love to make an introduction for you!  Not only can we secure the best deal through our partnerships, but we are experts in the implementation and set up of these critical systems and can ensure your HR systems are running efficiently.