Don’t need a full-time HR person but you have HR needs?

We partner with you in every area of HR, from strategic HR to the tactical get it done services to handle the day-to-day HR administration.

We are experts in #allthingsHR, so you can focus on what you do best, growing your successful and sustainable business.

Our hourly, on-demand services can be customized to provide your business with exactly what you need, when you need it.  We are easy to work with and being purpose driven for our clients’ success. Because of that, we’ll customize our services to meet your needs.  Either on-site or virtually, we can administer and support all facets of the employee lifecycle including:

  • Training and Development
  • Effective Interview training, legal do’s & don’ts
  • Reference and background check compliance
  • New hire orientation and cultural on-boarding
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Payroll implementation and administration
  • Employee Handbook and policy creation or review
  • Harassment or claims investigations
  • Performance management, improvement and termination processing
  • Training and development
  • HR Audits
  • HR Investigations – (as a third party impartial investigator)

HR Systems & Process Improvement  

We are technology geeks at heart.  We not only love our tech clients but we love HR technology.  We are problem solvers and love to streamline an HR process that we know can be better, quicker, faster and more effective for both employees and managers.  We partner with the best applicant tracking and hr systems on the market and because of our relationships can offer our clients the best pricing available.


Have an HR or Recruiting system in place that just isn’t doing what you were sold?

Let us do a systems audit.  We’ll make sure the functionality is set up correctly, and that the workflows and processes are being used and measured and if not, we can clean up the data, revise the workflows and make it work the way it should. We are also HRIS implement experts and because of this, we can get implementations done better and faster than your in-house HR representative.

Employee Handbook Creation or Revisions

An employee handbook is one of the most important communication tools between you and your employees. It can provide guidance to managers and set expectations for employees and can also keep you legally sound if written well and updated as required.

Do you think you can just download a sample handbook from the internet and apply it to your business? 
Did one of your managers bring a handbook from a prior company that you’ve made do? 
Do you just deal with questions, issues and concerns as they come up and don’t have an employee handbook?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to invest in your organization and your culture with a customized Employee Handbook.  We offer customized employee handbook creations as well as revisions/updating to your current employee handbook.

What makes this offering unique is that we partner with you to learn your company’s values, culture, lingo and operating tenants, we then weave those into your employee policies throughout the handbook.


Don’t like the idea of a stodgy old corporate employee handbook, it doesn’t have to be!  It can be a unique employee playbook that supports your culture.  We’ll make sure it’s compliant and will work for your organization!

If it has been more than two years or you’ve added employees in another state, it’s most likely time for a review and update to your employee handbook.  We can do that for you too!

Human Resource Audit (Forensic HR)

Unless you’ve been buried under a pile of HR paperwork you know there have been major changes in federal and state employment laws.  This or any personnel changes in your HR team or management, or just an overall feeling you have of being in the dark as it relates to your HR function, means it is probably a good time to conduct an HR Audit.

Having a third party conduct an HR audit will give you an objective look at your policies and practices and identify areas that can be improved as well as non-compliant.  We’ll cover every area of your employee life cycle, from recruitment through your termination.  We’ll also do a full file audit, policy compliance, compensation and employee benefits review as well as organizational and cultural assessment.

Audit engagements are typically accomplished with both an on-site visit and a tour of your location, team meeting, etc.   We provide you a final audit report that will not only address immediate compliance concerns but give you a written plan for your short and long-term HR Strategy.

If you would like to contact us or schedule a free consultation call, sign up today!

We are purpose driven for your success!