Performance Appraisal Kit


It’s Performance Time

Make your boring (or dreaded) performance appraisals a thing of the past!

This bundle of documents will help you prepare for your team’s performance review – either annually or quarterly.

The Performance Appraisal Kit will give you everything you need to have a thorough and complete Performance Review Program. All while still being entirely customizable to your organization’s review frequency.

This kit includes customizable word versions the following:
1. Performance Appraisal Guide – this guide will walk your managers through every step of the appraisal process from prep, the self-appraisal process, performance reviews, ratings, and delivery.
2. Appraisal for Managers Template
3. Appraisals for Employees (non-managers) Template

The two appraisal templates include standard competency ratings for leadership, dependability, teamwork, knowledge, and other skills. There are also sections for Goals and Objectives (past and future), a development plan, and employee and manager comments.

Download this kit, add your company logo, and your appraisal process will never be more straightforward and organized!

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