Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)


Help Improve Your Employees’ Performance

Performance issues, tardiness, not meeting objectives or expectations, complaints from customers or other employees. What do you do when performance standards aren’t getting met?

If you have an employee who isn’t meeting expectations, you need to address them (sooner rather than later!), but how do you form the right words?

Addressing an employee about their poor performance can be challenging and awkward. This Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) document will help you or your manager outline the performance issue(s) and guide them to properly communicate with your employee. It will also ensure you are clearly communicating expectations of improvement and, if necessary, an exit path measurably and effectively.

Relying on a PIP document will also provide your company assurance that your risk of facing wrongful termination claims gets minimized. It is also safe to keep the entire PIP process documented through your performance plan, from verbal counseling and suspension to a formal written warning and final termination.

Download this document and start tracking your employee performance communication! Check out our Performance Appraisal Program bundle to complete your employee review process.

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