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The Culture Calendar

By February 17, 2022July 26th, 2023Business & Compliance

company culture example: female employee with short dark brown bob hairstyle wearing a short sleeve polka dot blouse and black trouser pants feels employee appreciated with her two hands crossed on her chest as two other employees on the left (white female with long light brown hair wearing a tan long sleeve cardigan and white male with short brown hair and well trimmed beard wearing a white button down) clap for herAt a time when talent can come and go so quickly, many business and workplace leaders are desperate for ways to retain employees. The solution is often layered and overwhelming.  We want to share a simple approach that any company can implement, regardless of size which is to – focus your energy on building a company culture that prioritizes nurturing and appreciating your employees. 

What does that mean? What does that look like day-to-day? While robust benefits packages are important, we understand this may not always be attainable for some organizations.

The good news is that often, building company culture is more about the compilation of many things building over time. 

6 Ways to Build a Company Culture

Capitalizing on Holidays – both federal and fun – is one of the easiest ways to build and grow your company culture but we know keeping up with them can be a challenge. Sometimes it can feel like every day is a “national something day.”

That’s why we created “The Culture Calendar”!  This calendar is full of recognized days that can be great opportunities for internal employee engagement and team bonding. Subscribing to this calendar can help you stay on top of planning company events and initiatives. Here are a few examples!

company culture initiative example - five diverse team members sit around a clutter wood table each pulling a slice of pizza out of a white pizza box

1. Themed Team Lunches 

There are dozens of different food-specific holidays. You can use holidays like “National Burrito Day” or “National Pizza Party Day” to inspire a quarterly team lunch. 

2. Embrace the Outdoors 

Let’s face it, whether you work from home or have transitioned back to the office, we could all use time outside and away from our desks. So, consider taking advantage of National Walking Day (April 6th) or National Trails Day (June 4th) and scheduling a team walk/hike. 

3. Creative Office Games 

Is your team more on the competitive side? You could take the team to your local mini-golf course on National Miniature Golf Day (May 14th), or you could create your own unique office course. Or you can test your team’s problem-solving skills on National Scavenger Hunt Day (May 24th) by hiding a string of clues around the office. 

company culture building coffee run example - drink carrier filled with three coffee cups with white clips on top of a light wood table. the fourth cup sits outside of the carrier in the upper right corner of the photo

4. Surprise Treats 

Who doesn’t love snacks? There are plenty of other food holidays you can take advantage of in smaller ways. Show your team how much you appreciate them by surprising them with a sweet treat on World Chocolate Day (July 7th) or a gift card for a latte on National Coffee Day (September 29th). 

5. Test Your Team’s Knowledge 

One of the latest priorities of the workforce is learning and development opportunities. While supporting your team’s desire to attend seminars or webinars is essential, you can share some fun facts with your team throughout the year. Whether it’s Black History Month or National Trivia Day, sharing facts is a great way to increase your team’s awareness of important initiatives and morale. For example, you can use these holidays to inspire a “fact of the week” you share with your team via Slack or as the theme for your next team Jeopardy event. 

6. Remember the power of your words 

Sometimes, we all just need to hear some words of motivation and gratitude. The easiest way to show your appreciation for your team is to tell them! Days dedicated to spreading this type of positivity include Random Act of Kindness Day (February 17th) or National Day of Encouragement (September 22). 

Building Your Company Culture with Hire Ventures “Culture Calendar”

Have you been jotting these dates and ideas down? No need to! 

Click here to subscribe to The Culture Calendar and automatically add these dates to your Google calendar! You can also download quarterly calendar’s from the HR Shop for free here. 

We hope this calendar can help you on your journey to building your company culture. Don’t forget to share these employee experiences across social media! Not only will these ideas help shape your company culture but your employer brand too.

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