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Reflecting on Our D&I Summer

By August 24, 2021August 24th, 2023Diversity and Inclusion, Personal Reflections

DE&I in AtlantaWow! We can’t believe our #BeTheChange D&I Summer Series is coming to an end! We started this series as a way to learn more about Diversity and Inclusion, how it impacts the recruitment processes, and how by learning more about these things, we can better serve our clients’ recruiting and HR needs. From it came incredible conversations and a new employee D&I Onboarding Training Program! To wrap up this initiative, we want to reflect on all we’ve learned and share how you can take steps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Why #BeTheChange?

We saw 2021 as a fresh start, a time of renewal, new beginnings, big goals, and a chance to challenge ourselves to truly live our company values. With that, came a firm commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion. Not just internally, but in the work we do with our clients. We have the ability to help increase diversity and inclusion at our clients’ companies, hence the #BetheChange. When we create more inclusive recruitment processes we can attract and recruit more diverse candidate pools.

“While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary,” – Matt Bevin

The Scope of the #BeTheChange D&I Series

This summer we fully embraced that not only do we have a lot to learn, but that the learning will truly never stop. Topics we introduced to our team (and our blog) included:

In addition to the blogs, we presented these topics to our team throughout three days of in house training. During these trainings we shared and discussed best practices and tools that our recruiters can use in their daily work.



There are so many more diversity and inclusion topics we weren’t able to cover! We understand that these topics and best D&I practices will continue to evolve over time. We also know that though our training and blogs may seem specific to recruiting and hiring, there are still many ways we as individuals, or you as an employer, can promote D&I in the workforce.

Lauren Ewers D&I Series Reflection Statement

Quote from Lauren Ewers

Thoughts From Our Team

We are proud of what we were able to create and accomplish this summer, but we will let you take our team’s word for it!

“We all know how difficult interviewing and getting a job can be, but if you are on the autism spectrum, have another invisible diversity or may be transgender, this can be especially difficult.  These topics are near to my heart, having loved ones that fit all of the above.  If we can be a catalyst to support a more inclusive hiring process or workplace culture, I feel as though our work is valuable. ❤️ Making a difference, that’s what it’s all about!” Teresa Murphey.

“These trainings definitely made me more aware of the words and phrases that are and aren’t appropriate,” said Ankit Dogra.

Lily Rincon, said she liked that the blogs from awareness and that they reminded her to be intentional in her daily recruit efforts.

Overall, we are so grateful for our team’s vulnerability and engagement this summer! D&I awareness is so valuable but knowing our team found it important and is eager to act on it is even more exciting!

Moving Forward with D&I

With D&I, the learning never stops, but don’t let that intimidate you! A lot of this learning involves simply being open to and respecting other people’s perspectives. Here are three general steps to help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

  1. Keep learning and growing – If leading your own D&I initiatives isn’t in the cards right now, watch videos or sign up for different webinars. The goal of D&I is to increase awareness of different groups, eliminate stereotypes, and reduce biases. So, if you don’t have that knowledge internally seek it out. Also, as you start growing your team, try to ensure your final candidates are ones who share these values and will want to support future D&I initiatives.
  2. diverse team members collaborating and communicating in a safe and inclusive environmentOpen internal communication By focusing on improving employee communication and interpersonal skills, we can begin to break down social barriers and equalize participation among employees. Let hearing all voices be the norm in your workplace!
  3. Create a brave environment Opening up that internal communication so all voices can comfortably be heard can, in turn, help promote trust. It can also help you in providing accurate and strong support to your employees. Inclusion isn’t about just having diverse people in your organization, but also making them feel welcomed and valued!

We are continuing to develop ways we can keep our team accountable for implementing these practices and researching new topics to cover. We hope we can inspire and help you as your company develops their own D&I initiatives. As a way to continue our commitment to D&I, we are also going to keep posting D&I blogs.  Subscribe to our email list below and follow us on LinkedIn so you don’t miss a post!


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