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How TO Hire a Millennial

By March 1, 2018August 17th, 2023Finding Talent - Recruiting

Did you know that high growth companies, like those in the high-tech industry, have a significantly higher proportion of millennials in leadership positions than organizations with little to no growth? There is a reason for this. If you are growing and hiring, then this blog is for you!

Do me a favor and type this blog title into Google. Results will pull up dozens of articles where an analyst tells you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to millennials. It seems like every non-millennial wants to give their two cents about a generation they aren’t a part of or without considering the millennial point of view. So, here’s a millennial’s perspective and personal tips on hiring someone from this dominating generation.

Millennials “the big generation!”

Millennials most recently became the largest generation in the world! Meaning they will be the largest generation ever to enter the workforce. Many companies are intimidated by that figure, but the best companies aren’t running away from reality. They are embracing the challenge.

In our last blog post, I shared characteristics of millennials and some ways that many employers are struggling with hiring a millennial. Many of these employers refuse to change and expect the young person to change how an entire generation does business. For a company to be successful today, it must be able to compromise with the workforce and adapt to new ways of thinking.

Big Mistakes Companies Make:

  1. Working with an outdated hiring process, such as having paper applications and long lead times between applying and hiring.
  2. Providing no feedback until the annual performance review.
  3. Providing vague job offers that create a “bait-and-switch’ scenario.
  4. Using a vigorous and overly drawn-out hiring process.
  5. Failing to provide post-interview feedback.

While these mistakes are made every day in hiring, these methods will need to change to attract the best job candidates. When the hiring process does not provide a good experience for millennials, odds are they won’t stay in that job for very long.


Here are some tips when it comes to hiring a millennial:

Streamline the hiring process

Most millennials have not known a world without the Internet. As a company, you can (and should) use that to your advantage. Instead of having an outdated applicant system, use a mobile-enabled​ applicant tracking system, like our partner JazzHR. The days of paper applications and job offers on bulletin boards are so last gen. These applicant tracking systems have everything in one place. This makes the hiring process easier for both the employer and the applicant experience, assuming you are using them correctly and have a defined, candidate-focused process (we can help with that!).

Teamwork makes the dream work

Millennials have spent most of their lives working in groups, whether it be in a class project, a sports team, or any clubs or organizations in or outside of school. You should act on that skill set and try incorporating teams in the workplace. If you recall from our last blog, millennials have a strong need for attention. This teamwork satisfies this need for attention, as well as playing into the strength of working together.


Encourage a healthy work life and home life

One constant criticism of the millennial generation is that they are job hoppers. If a millennial is not happy in their workplace, they won’t hesitate to find another job. Who can blame them!? To keep those great millennial employees, ensure they are engaged and that your company culture supports work/life balance. Millennials are known for having many extracurricular activities, and they are always on the move. So offer them flexibility and a rewarding work experience. A millennial who has made friends and enjoys their workplace will not leave anytime soon. Plan for employee outings and bonding time to keep your best millennials.

The millennial generation is the largest generation to date, with over 80 million people. While some companies struggle in finding and keeping a young person, many excel and are known for being a millennial acceptor. Now, it’s your turn to become successful in hiring millennials!

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